Why I Don’t Worry About Global Warming or Climate Change


Descartes walks into bar. Bartender asks, “Hey, René, fancy a drink?”. Descartes replies, “I think not” … and disappears. I either have a fatalistic approach to life or a faithful approach to life, but I simply don’t worry about Global Warming or Climate Change. While we can be an arrogant bunch more »

Simple Simon


Do you remember the game “Simon” by Milton Bradley (c. 1978)? Vintage ones are selling for around $90. But why buy one when you can make one! Of course you may spend more than $90… but isn’t that worth something to spend a few hours with the kids teaching and learning? more »

Innumeracy: Math Misadventures


John Allen Paulos’ book Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences is one of my favorite books. But then I am the math/science geek of our crew. So often people cop out of anything involving numbers with a perverse pride; this allows media to take advantage of ignorance just as easily more »

The Apple ][ Does Not Fall Far From the Tree


Primo wants to learn how to program a computer; his goal: write a game for the iPad, or something. Cool, I can deal with that, and it certainly beats playing games all day. We haven’t had video games in the house until recently. Never had much use for them when more »

Confectionary Napalm


I have two of them; we’ll call them Primo and Secondo. Most of the time they get along just fine. Occasionally they are the worst of enemies. You know how it goes. But the times I worry the most is when the bickering stops and they become partners in crime. more »