Fusing Skills: Writing, Math, and Science

Since we’ve found bravewriter.com things have been starting to turn around in the writing department. We’ve learned to relax and let things develop a little more naturally (especially on those Friday Free Writes). However, today we did it on a Thursday! I decided that it would be good to use Primo’s … Continue reading

The Pendulum

Empiricism in science is vitally important to us, especially since even at the private school we discuss in How We Ended Up Home “Schooling” the first grade simply read about science rather than doing. So in the spirit of Michael Maestlin we’ve been observing science regularly with both boys, but up … Continue reading

Ancient Navigation: The Astrolabe

NOTE: This website is undergoing major changes. Some pages will be disappearing, so we apologize if you clicked on something that has been removed. Please read the About page for more information. Continue reading

Why I Don’t Worry About Global Warming or Climate Change

Descartes walks into bar. Bartender asks, “Hey, René, fancy a drink?”. Descartes replies, “I think not” … and disappears. I either have a fatalistic approach to life or a faithful approach to life, but I simply don’t worry about Global Warming or Climate Change. While we can be an arrogant bunch … Continue reading