Homeschool Shop Class: Go Kart!

Boy have I been lax in getting things written! I realized this heading home from a Memorial Day visit with some friends when Secondo decided to wax-philosophical, “How do I know if I exist? How do I know if you exist? How do I know what my purpose is?” This … Continue reading

The Joy of Eureka! and Revelations on Common Core

If you’re looking for a decidedly pro or anti stance on Common Core (CC), you won’t find it here. Instead, you’ll find a little bit of both. I’m seeking illumination, and, admittedly, the internet is a terrible place to seek it, being filled with information largely devoid of fact, wisdom, or truth. … Continue reading

Flying Filberts! Trebuchet! A Lesson in… almost everything.

Here is yet another example of how many different topics can be fuzed into a single simple project. Several years ago the boys and I built a small trebuchet that could fling filberts about 40 to 50 feet; it was a lesson in history, mythology, music, math, physics, botany, nutrition, … Continue reading

More Adventures in Innumeracy

Writing error-free books is difficult. I get that. But every once in a while certain errors just rub me so wrong I just have to scream. My latest encounter is with Primo’s pre-algebra student workbook (Horizon’s Lesson #95). Click on the picture to be “amazed.” My first reaction was, “In … Continue reading

Fusing Curriculum: Sphinxes, Gods, and Mummies – Oh My!

Home education offers us the opportunity to fuse subjects around a central topic. This is not an unschooled approach, but rather an education of opportunity. Currently we are in ancient Egyptian overload, but when you find a topic that interests the student it is probably best to squeeze as much out of … Continue reading

Ancient Navigation: The Astrolabe

NOTE: This website is undergoing major changes. Some pages will be disappearing, so we apologize if you clicked on something that has been removed. Please read the About page for more information. Continue reading

Innumeracy: Math Misadventures

John Allen Paulos’ book Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences is one of my favorite books. But then I am the math/science geek of our crew. So often people cop out of anything involving numbers with a perverse pride; this allows media to take advantage of ignorance just as easily … Continue reading