Great Googly Moogly: Ever Have A Day Like This?


Courtesy of Primo

Some days are like this. You start off with good intentions and then you are forced to choose. Neither choice is optimal, the goal is unobtainable. But then you realize it is only a game, and you start to have fun again. ūüėČ


A Tale of Two Children: Readiness for Readin’, ‘ritin’, and ‘rithmetic

I never understood the “Three R’s” label for¬†reading,¬†writing, and¬†arithmetic.¬†I am sure that someone thought it was cute at one point, but, looking at the state of education in the country today, the joke may be on us. Certainly without these basics no other course of study is possible, but one ‚Ķ Continue reading

More Construction Toys: Erector Airplane

There is only so much book learning that can benefit anyone; hands-on is still the best lesson. As we mentioned in Construction Toys¬†Legos, Erector, and K’nex can really allow children (and adults) to be creative when the book is tossed out the window. Here is a collaborative effort by Primo ‚Ķ Continue reading

Construction Toys

We love any toy that allows children to imagine and create, like Lego, Erector, K’nex, and even Tinker Toys and old fashioned building blocks. It is, however, getting increasingly more difficult to find just tubs of parts as the stores like to sell “kits” that have entire story lines built ‚Ķ Continue reading

The Pendulum

Empiricism in science is vitally important to us, especially since even at the private school we discuss in How We Ended Up Home “Schooling” the first grade simply read about science rather than doing. So in the spirit of Michael Maestlin we’ve been observing¬†science regularly with both boys, but up ‚Ķ Continue reading

Third Rock Made… of Rocks!

One must be mindful of your ground. There is a certain pleasure in knowing that small bits and pieces of what we teach our children actually gets through, somehow. And in case you hadn’t figured it out, GranolaGirl and I home educate Primo and Secondo, which we chronicle with this ‚Ķ Continue reading

How we ended up Home “Schooling”

I dislike the term “home schooling” and prefer the term “home educating.” For me the concept of what school is supposed to be has been corrupted over the last 150 years or so. So, for now, it is sufficient to identify “school” as a place of emotional, intellectual, and creative ‚Ķ Continue reading

Apologia: Fighting Windmills

Did you ever see “Bruce Almighty?” If you did you may remember that scene where Bruce is asking for a¬†sign¬†from¬†The¬†Almighty¬†while driving down the highway in a somewhat despondent state. As the scene plays out a utility vehicle filled with STOP and YIELD signs pulls in front of him. While the ‚Ķ Continue reading

Ancient Navigation: The Astrolabe

NOTE: This website is undergoing major changes. Some pages will be disappearing, so we apologize if you clicked on something that has been removed. Please read the About page for more information. Continue reading

Flush – Another Arduino Project

Here is a project put together mostly by Primo (11-1/2 years old) inspired by the fact that his little brother didn’t always flush. About 80% of the coding was done by Primo himself; I only provided some guidance on how to use a switch statement as a state machine (which ‚Ķ Continue reading