Extra Curricular Activities: SPARK Programming From Scratch

Every once in a while we hit it big with the extra curricular activities. Today was particularly good as Primo (disguised as RedNeckSideKick) and RocketRedNeck attended a SPARK (Simple Programming, Animation & Robotics for Kids) session at the University of Arizona. While Primo has acquired a lot of programming experience … Continue reading

Kids’ Book Reviews

We really love to read around here. Part of encouraging the boys to read consciously is to have them tell us about what they have read, either by chapter or full book. Rather than a traditional book report we are encouraging them to summarize and review the books in a … Continue reading

Fusing Skills: Writing, Math, and Science

Since we’ve found bravewriter.com things have been starting to turn around in the writing department. We’ve learned to relax and let things develop a little more naturally (especially on those Friday Free Writes). However, today we did it on a Thursday! I decided that it would be good to use Primo’s … Continue reading

Jot It Down: The Story of the Hahiko Fish

One of the cool concepts we’ve picked up from bravewriter.com is the concept of “jotting it down” when the little ones tell us stories; i.e., catching your child in that act of thinking. This really helps them see how ideas transform into words. The Story of the Hahiko Fish By … Continue reading