Creative Writing with Secondo: Stuart Little Finds Margalo

Stuart-LittleI really need to get to this blog more often since the boys are learning and doing so many things that truly demonstrates what a love of learning looks like. Alas, life happens and these musings float around in my head until I can finally write it down.

Today, for your reading pleasure, is the result of a small creative writing exercise based on an Oak Meadow curriculum. Secondo recently finished reading Stuart Little and had a choice of assignments: write a traditional book report, create a set of post cards from Stuart’s point of view, or write a short paragraph or two about what it would be like if Stuart found his lost friend, Margalo.

In true BraveWriter fashion Secondo chose to write a story. While it is short, it is a big step. I think he particularly enjoyed the assignment because it allowed him to march to the beat of his own drum.

I suppose the lesson here, for us educators, is that the student performs best when they have an interest in the topic and can express themselves.

I’ve attached an image of the story below, as well as a transcription (in case you find the handwriting difficult to read).

Stuart Finds Margalo

The break of dawn in New York City on January 1st. Stuart was back home. When he woke up on January 1st he found Margalo back on the plant she slept on. Margalo got back into the house when a cat managed to open the window to the living room. Margalo flew into the room and a gust of wind closed the window again. When Stuart saw Margalo she woke up. Margalo said “hello” and Stuart fainted. Stuart was so stunned that he couldn’t sleep for several days.



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