Flying Filberts! Trebuchet! A Lesson in… almost everything.

IMG_2007Here is yet another example of how many different topics can be fuzed into a single simple project.

Several years ago the boys and I built a small trebuchet that could fling filberts about 40 to 50 feet; it was a lesson in history, mythology, music, math, physics, botany, nutrition, woodworking, and tool safety (yet, not the reason Rocky has 9.99 fingers).

They were much younger then, so their involvement in the math and interest in the physics was small; but, their interest in the historical stories was what inspired us.

The linked video (below) shows some of the construction as well as the trebuchet in action. As I was building the video for the grandparents I selected Holst’s Mars – Bringer of War as the music. This lead to many discussions of music and mythology.

In the end building it was just good old fashioned fun, and we learned that filberts (hazelnuts) are tasty!

I suppose it is time to build another, bigger one… maybe a floating arm variant. This time, Primo and Secondo get to do the math!


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