Extra Curricular: “Dangerous” Play is Okay

image010When they are not studying hard, we keep both Primo and Secondo busy with extra curricular activities. We feel this is essential to a healthy life balance (all work and no play …).

Evermore we continue to hear about public forums banning our childhood favorites: dodgeball, tetherball, tag, … face planting into the blacktop over the handle bars after hitting a homemade ramp, and the more imaginative adventures around cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, and earthmen vs aliens.

The point it that the boys must stay physically active and occasionally risk a little skin; how else can they truly learn? So while the public school system “wrestles” with the perceived liabilities caused by helicopter attack parents, some of us realize the benefits of getting through childhood with a few minor scars.

We’ve ventured into many of the usual activities: baseball, soccer, and even the occasional flag football with the local homeschool groups; but their favorites, by far, are swimming, gymnastics, and rock climbing.

Ah, yes, rock climbing; I cringe every time I watch them do it (heights and I don’t agree), and at the same time I love to watch them climb. Both Primo and Secondo are on the Rock & Ropes Climbing Team (Training and Junior, respectively).

Occasionally the coaches will take the various teams out for some real adventure (i.e., real rocks). Here is the latest rock climbing venture put into a short slide show (all the pictures were taken by Primo)

Click on this link to see the slide show: Rocks and Ropes Training Team Climb

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