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StoriesOfCreationIn the beginning, Primo detested writing. But, with the help of BraveWriter’s The Arrow program his reluctance is waning quickly. If you remember our post on Fusing Skills: Writing, Math, and Science the focus was, obviously, technical. This week’s effort is a bit more creative.

The topic was stories of creation based on our perusal of In The Beginning: Creation Stories from Around the World by Virgina Hamilton. Every culture has one, whether religious or secular; why not write one of his own?

So, with the blessings of Thoth we set forth to document the power of words:


My creation story

by Primo _______________________________________

In the period before time,

There was light, and there was dark. Hot was affiliated with the light, and cold with the dark. In between the two was nothing, and the nothing was neither hot or cold.

Then a warm, light breeze blew from the hot side into the nothing, and then a cool, dark breeze blew from the cold side. The two breezes met and condensed into the sea. Then a warmer, brighter breeze and a cooler, darker breeze came, and they condensed into the earth.

Then the warmest, brightest wind and the coolest, darkest wind came, they smashed into each other and formed Loudsnorer. He started snoring and the light and the dark started spinning around the earth, and time began.

And Loudsnorer snored louder. His snoring woke the dirt which became plants.

And Loudsnorer snored louder. His snoring woke some bushes, which became all of the animals.

And Loudsnorer snored louder. His snoring woke two trees, the trees became man and woman.

Man and woman prospered and had many offspring. Soon humans covered the entire earth.

Then, one tribe, living next to Loudsnorer, finaly got fed up with its snoring. All of the men grabbed there sharpest tools and set off to kill Loudsnorer.

But Loudsnorer woke, like he does every hundred years or so, and saw the men. Terrified, he ran away to the edge of the earth and hid behind it, he is still there today.



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