Simple Simon

il_570xN.476260891_gbtiDo you remember the game “Simon” by Milton Bradley (c. 1978)? Vintage ones are selling for around $90. But why buy one when you can make one! Of course you may spend more than $90… but isn’t that worth something to spend a few hours with the kids teaching and learning?

Granted, this Arduino version is one we call “Simple Simon” as it works with the parts we had on hand. The ultimate plan is to build up one that has all four colors and the skill levels, including PCB layout and a case.

In the video below the software is configured to produce a pattern that is seven (7) deep; this is mainly to demonstrate both the winning and losing sequences. Future versions will operate on a 4-way switch to select the depth.

The pattern is random, but the initial seed randomness is driven by an analog input (A0) that currently does not pick up enough noise, so the pattern can repeat between power cycles.

So without further ado, here are the video, breadboard, schematic, PCB, and source code:










Source Code: SimpleSimon


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