What constitutes “real homeschooling”?


On several forums the question of “What makes a ‘real homeschooler’?” or “What is ‘real homeschooling’?” inevitably comes up in various forms. I personally find the concept behind the question repugnant and politically dangerous for those of us that choose alternatives to “traditional” brick-and-mortar, government-run education. For lack of a more »

Trends in Understanding Science and Technology (and What It Means to Education)

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 3.06.50 PM

The National Science Foundation released its report on Science and Engineering Indicators 2014 this last February. Needless to say, I find the trends disturbing. Yet, most people will go on with their lives with nary a thought about the trends, nor will these same people recognize the disingenuous concerns expressed by more »

Science (and other topics) With Primo: Unit Studies: Bacteria vs Virus


Recently, the topic of “unit studies” or “main lessons” came up on a reddit.com discussion. This approach to home education is useful to create a topic focus that wraps many disciplines into a month long (or longer) period. This ability to “connect the dots” should help pique the interest in more »

Flying Filberts! Trebuchet! A Lesson in… almost everything.


Here is yet another example of how many different topics can be fuzed into a single simple project. Several years ago the boys and I built a small trebuchet that could fling filberts about 40 to 50 feet; it was a lesson in history, mythology, music, math, physics, botany, nutrition, more »