Just The Facts: A Writing Assignment

Sometimes the stars align perfectly. I think we finally moved past the general “freak out” that occurs around every writing assignment. For a while Primo convinced himself that he could not write. However, the last few assignments prove otherwise. In this case, we tasked Primo to analyze news articles about a recent … Continue reading

Homeschool Shop Class: Go Kart!

Boy have I been lax in getting things written! I realized this heading home from a Memorial Day visit with some friends when Secondo decided to wax-philosophical, “How do I know if I exist? How do I know if you exist? How do I know what my purpose is?” This … Continue reading

Homeschool Flunky?

Hardly a homeschool flunky, here is a little humor from Primo, who has has become quite the night owl since GranolaGirl discovered that the secret to a great homeschool is to “break a leg.” Continue reading

How GranolaGirl Had To Break A Leg To Get The Homeschool Of Her Dreams

Five days into the new year. That’s all the Redneck family lasted before suffering an incident. After all 2014 went so well; what could have possibly happened? This is the story of how GranolaGirl had to break a leg to get the homeschool of her dreams. We don’t get snow very … Continue reading

Creative Writing with Secondo: Stuart Little Finds Margalo

I really need to get to this blog more often since the boys are learning and doing so many things that truly demonstrates what a love of learning looks like. Alas, life happens and these musings float around in my head until I can finally write it down. Today, for … Continue reading

Homeschool Shop Class: Ultimate “Take-a-part”

It’s a Captain Obvious moment, but I think it is safe to say that there is a huge difference between theory and practice. This can apply to everything, including topics as varied as art, math, music, how you organize a home school, or even parenting, in general. Experience is the … Continue reading

Science and Faith: Incompatible?

Are the pursuits of Science and Faith incompatible? This discussion has come up at the Redneck household as we have been considering participation in some local Co-Ops that have chosen to use some Faith-based Science curricula. The short answer? Probably, not. Or, so I believe. As a practicing “rocket scientist” (engineer) I see Science literally, as … Continue reading

Shut Up and Color! Left Brain vs Right Brain

An alternate title for this one could even be Artistic License in Smackdown with Bad Teachers. Every now and then we encounter experiences that remind us in striking terms that some people are not cut out to be teachers, and just exactly why we educate our children at home. These … Continue reading

The Joy of Eureka! and Revelations on Common Core

If you’re looking for a decidedly pro or anti stance on Common Core (CC), you won’t find it here. Instead, you’ll find a little bit of both. I’m seeking illumination, and, admittedly, the internet is a terrible place to seek it, being filled with information largely devoid of fact, wisdom, or truth. … Continue reading

What constitutes “real homeschooling”?

On several forums the question of “What makes a ‘real homeschooler’?” or “What is ‘real homeschooling’?” inevitably comes up in various forms. I personally find the concept behind the question repugnant and politically dangerous for those of us that choose alternatives to “traditional” brick-and-mortar, government-run education. For lack of a … Continue reading